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Nice Work

There's not alot of new content out thats actully worth looking at, but you have somthing good, as "that-n00bie-man" had stated you have somthing and you should take it on board and create somthing good with it.

Popesture responds:

Ok Thanks dude. I shall check out this "that-n00bie-man"

Wonderful Work

I thought that was absoultly wonderful. Very nice artwork, and great transitions through collaberations. Audio was good and it had an overall good vibe. I would have liked it to be longer and a remixed song would have been good to use, put you pulled it off great.
Very good work indeed.

Yay More!! :P

Hey way to go Andy, keep up the work!!!

Eg-g responds:

thnx. do i know you?

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I loved the audio!! Graphics were nice and smooth, But you could have improved the shooting, but all in all, Great Worl!


I don't think that theres much to say that the next thousand users won't, but that is awsome!

Great Work, Instant Classic!


Thats awsome, but you didn't have to keep using the word n00b, i think that word is ugly, it just looks nasty, but dont mind me, At least I now know how to draw, Spinng Red Cubes!!!

SpinningCubeClock responds:

lol I used n00b twice! It's not that much! But yeah i don't like it either. What else could i hav sed tho?

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Very Nice

So far it seems that this is the first sonic remix with any effort put into it, good job!! I think it was done very well!!

Not Bad

Hmmm, this sounds more like a converterd midi, and it's not really a trance remix, the original song is trance, theres not much difference between them. Don't get me wrong, I love the Twinkle Park theme. It's one of my favourite songs from Sonic, and I have taken the time to remix it myself but i stick to midi files.

If you want a really good remix of this song there is one at Overclocked Remix, heres the link http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00982/. But none the less a very good attempt.

Not Bad!

Not a bad remix, although it sounds more like a midi, but good effort!

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